For Shipping of ORIGINAL drawings & paintings, Please contact The Artist directly if you have any questions.  All originals are framed, with buyers permission, carefully packaged, fully insured, and sent Priority Mail. Satisfaction is guaranteed, work should be returned within 10 days in original shipping package in the same condition as when arrived. Framing and shipping receipts are included in packaging. Handling time is 2-5 days. Each work is framed professionally immediately to protect the buyers investment. Framing is museum quality and meets the standards of the Artist.

  Shipping of PRINTS

  • Please note:  All prints are Offset Photo-lithographs of limited editions, and are signed and numbered.
  • Originals, Artists Proofs, and Press Proofs are also available at the artist's website carrolljonesoriginals(no longer available)
  • All prints are in excellent condition, and suitable for framing, using the highest quality papers and inks. Protected and placed in a sturdy mailing tube, the print shipped with instructions for care.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, simply return the print in the same condition in the mailing tube for a refund, within 10 days of purchase.
  • All materials packed and ready, sent by Priority Mail to your address. Handling time is 2 business days. Prints are shipped by artist from Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Each print mailing has a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The artist signature and number of the print in the overall edition, written in pencil along the bottom, signify the artist's approval.


"September Setting" print of original oil by Carroll Jones III

                                                                                                                   SEPTEMBER SETTING


Perhaps no method is as effective authentically, an edition of prints from an original work of art as is Offset Photo-lithography. This technical process was used to produce nearly all of the limited edition printings in the NATHANIEL GRAPHICS' portfolio. This system allows the print to maintain outstanding quality throughout and to reproduce the most delicate detail and tone with absolute fidelity. The ink and museum quality archival paper used are of the highest standards in the fine arts printing industry. This will provide maximum insurance against any deterioration, yellowing or fading and assure the buyer that their purchase will remain the investment that it is.


An edition of prints is the total number of reproductions printed from a single original work of art. Therefore, a limited edition is the number of reproductions restricted to a specific amount. The prints are then numbered by the artist to indicate the size of the edition. Let's say NATHANIEL GRAPHICS issues a limited edition of 375 numbered prints in total, and you are looking at number 16 in an edition marked 1 through 375 consecutively, 16/375 will appear in the bottom margin of the print. Once any limited edition is sold out, it is gone for good and will never be printed again. This 'contract', if you will, is a determining factor in setting an enhanced value on an edition. Each print, in order to be considered as genuine, must bear not only the number of the print, but also the signature of the artist~ the guarantee that this is an artist approved and authenticated print. The signature generally appears in the lower right hand corner of the margin, and again, favorably influences the value of the print. An unnumbered print can be an indication of an unlimited edition. Titling each print by hand is not only optional but a personal choice by the artist or his or her publisher but also may even be typeset (printed in ink).


Artist's Proofs set a continuing standard of excellence and comparison for the rest of the edition. On the day the edition is printing, the head pressman 'pulls' a print he feels is as close to the original art work as possible. It is then presented to the artist for consultation which generally results in 'fine tuning' of the piece. Then, and only then, the rest of the edition is printed. Typically, Artist's Proofs are limited to no more than one tenth of the edition. Approximately after each tenth of the edition has run through, a print is 'pulled' from the press and checked by the artist against the very first approved prints, (called Press Proofs ~ see below). If accepted, the printing continues. These pulled prints become the Artist's Proofs. The first print pulled in this manner becomes Artist's Proof #1, the second #2, and so forth. They are more expensive for three reasons: 1, the Artist's Proofs are hand picked and evaluated individually by the artist 2, owning one indicates the commitment of the serious collector and 3, you must likely know the artist personally. A.P.'s are the premium limited edition of the larger numbered edition. 

"Windflowers" Print of original oil by Carroll Jones III, the artist's mother's favorite



Press Proofs (also know as Printer's Proofs) are the very first approved flawless color corrected images to come off the press at the outset of any edition. These few prints become the standard of perfection for the Artist's Proofs and consequently the rest of the edition. Press Proofs are the tangible results after all consultation and adjustments have been made and thus allow the actual printing to commence. They are what the Artist's Proofs are matched against solely throughout the printing. Press Proofs are more expensive than Artist's Proofs because of their extreme rarity, and singular importance with relationship to the subsequent edition.