Work in Progress: Vermont Door with Flowers:

"Vermont Door with Flowers" W.I.P. oil painting, June 27, 2012

 Mr. Jones has worked on this painting slowly, with many works in between, usually in a different medium (graphite drawing, for instance) so as not to tire of working on the oil painting.

The painting is shown enlarged below to show Jones' command of detail.

This work is a commission, a work in progress, and not for sale.  It is shown here for illustrative purposes, only. Contact the Artist for commissioned work,

" is the last pic I took of the Vermont Geranium painting. I am (ended up) making up all the geranium leaves. What is there is just perhaps......not the final thing. The only thing 90 percent done is where the sunlight is hitting the door frame on either side. I made up the window reflections and they might change depending on how much the red of the flowers pop in the lower part. Another year to go at least. But that's okay. The slower I can go the better the painting will be. "

"Vermont Door with Flowers" original oil work in progress by Carroll Jones III