Work In Progress--Percy

Two windows from the mind of the artist.

 1. The beginning:  two windows from the mind of the artist. Mr. Jones is known for
his interest in windows and doors.  The balanced drawing is mathematical in nature;
he knows the number of clapboards typically in the length of each window according
to the age of the intended home.  This one would be about 1870.

Cat in a picture of two windows, beginning of weeds drawn

3. The natural influence enters and "grounds" the piece--they are weeds he has noticed in a neighbor's yard that seems to fit the bill of what he needs to complete the drawing.  He uses his artistic eye to determine what natural greenery will do, and places the plants he has photographed into the drawing. 

2.  Percy is caught looking at his own image. Serendipitously, The Artist determines the sun lighting is good to snap a shot of the progress he is making with the drawing.
It wasn't until he downloaded the image that he noticed his adopted, once feral cat is
looking towards his own image in the drawing.    

Cute picture of real cat looking at drawing of himself in window

                      "What am I supposed to see?" He feigns ignorance.